It's not just a witty saying,
"Prayer Really Does Change Everything!"

The enemy wants to impede your momentum in prayer. He wants you to wander aimlessly, fumble through your prayer requests, and pray with a lack of knowledge. No More! Today, we pick up the mantel of prayer and do the work of a skilled intercessor!

Use this system during your private times of prayer. This is an ideal and easy-to-remember prayer system to use when someone asks you to pray publicly. No more "deer caught in headlights" facial expressions. Click the "Enroll Now" button and Let's pray!

What's Inside


Transformative Training on The A.S.K. Prayer Method

30 Minutes of Video Training

40 Minutes of Audio Training

A.S.K. Prayer Journal Sheet

Bonus Material:

The Secret Stash ... List of 20 Must-Have Prayer Tools for God's Women

Seeker Challenges

Course Benefits: 

You will gain an outlook on prayer that will shift your prayer room experiences into high gear. Prayer requests will reach deeper within your heart and mind. This process will usher you beyond the outer court, into the inner court, and into the holy of holies seamlessly. You will gain a deeper understanding of heaven’s process for answered prayer. The boldness you’ll gain to approach the throne of God will be priceless. This is a chance to up your prayer game! Hit the “enroll now” button. You will enjoy being the woman who others A.S.K., “Will you pray for me, please?”  


The A.S.K. Prayer System

A Four-Step and Easy To Remember Bible Study System